What Damage Requires Windscreen Replacement in the Sunshine Coast?

Any damage to your windscreen requires fast service to ensure it does not lead to a larger safety problem for your car. However, many repairs only need a simple repair to fix. Although you need to have your damage assessed by experts to guarantee you take the appropriate action, there are some guidelines for what type of damage requires windscreen replacement in the Sunshine Coast.

The easiest way to know if you require windscreen replacement in the Sunshine Coast is the significance of the damage. If it has harmed a large percentage of the windscreen or has damaged multiple layers, then you will need a new windscreen. If there is notable delaminating near the damage, then it also requires replacement. Cracks that extend from edge to edge, even if not very deep, also increase the need for new glass.

The other way to assess whether you require windscreen replacement in the Sunshine Coast is the history of the current glass. Windscreens with a history of damage and repair cannot always be repaired, even for small and seemingly insignificant damage. If it has already been repaired eight or more times, then it no longer is safe to continue to repair it. Additionally, a new repair cannot be done on or near a previous repair.

The experts at Sunshine Coast Windscreens will come to you in one of their five on-site vehicles to assess your damage and determine the course of action. They use the standard safety glass for replacements to ensure your safety. Their high quality work is guaranteed, so you can feel confident in the ability of your new glass.