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  • ADAS Repair Recommendations

    ADAS Repair Recommendations

    Feb, 27, 2017 mark

    This is a recommended process that should be followed when fitting or refitting windscreens. 4.1 Understanding a) Understand as to whether the vehicle has ADAS…

  • e-tags take their toll

    e-tags take their toll

    Mar, 18, 2014 mark

    It's a job even MacGyver would struggle at. How do you remove that locked-on sticky bit of plastic that holds the e-tag device to your…

  • A peek into the future

    A peek into the future


    Augmented reality windshields, biometric sensors If you’re dazzled by all the high-tech innovations found in new cars today—such as Bluetooth, Blind Spot obstacle detection, Active…

  • Auto glass industry forms assn

    Auto glass industry forms assn

    Mar, 17, 2014 mark

    The Australian auto glass industry has joined forces to launch Australia’s largest independent association for the industry, the Auto Glass Association (AGA). National franchises and…

Career Opportunities

Auto Glazier
Auto glass technicians install and repair automotive glass. They work in an auto manufacturing facility or in auto repair shops. Qualified auto glass technicians are highly sought after. On-the-job training can be provided. Though its not required to work in the field, those who are willing to get a certification typically earn more.

Window Tinter
A keen eye for detail and a steady hand makes for a good tinter. A technical understanding of window film ensures you apply the right film for the right car.

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