It’s a job even MacGyver would struggle at.

How do you remove that locked-on sticky bit of plastic that holds the e-tag device to your vehicle’s windscreen?

We’ve spoken to the drivers in our office and e-tag providers Interlink Roads and Transurban, and here are some of the solutions they’ve come up with.


Get one of those portable hairdryers, point it at the glue that sticks to the glass and turn it in. The hot air should weaken the glue.

*Fishing line, or other tough strings

Grab a fishing line or dental floss, pull it left and right behind the bracket, until it starts to slowly detach from the glass. Note: patience is also required.

*Paint scraper

Use a paint scraper or anything else with a flat edge and use it to slowly create a wedge between the bracket and the glass. Keep going until the bracket is fully separated from the windscreen.

*Warm cloth

The RTA’s advice is to wrap a warm, damp cloth around the edges of the bracket. The glue will get moist, and that’s supposed to weaken its hold.

*Twist, twist, twist and TWIST

CityLink in Melbourne recommends good old brute strength. Grab hold of the bracket with your fingers, twist once to the left, once to the right, twist left and right and left until the bracket loosens from the glass, then twist sharply to the left as hard as possible. if it doesn’t work, try again in 15 minutes. (And no, we don’t know why you have to wait 15 minutes, and not 8 or 23 minutes.)

What about the glue left on the glass …

So, after you’ve removed the bracket, what do you do with the residue glue on the glass? Try using a household cleaner, eucalyptus oil, or a citrus-based liquid to remove it, then clean the glass with your usual windscreen cleaner.

Honestly, leave it to the experts at Sunshine Coast Windscreens.

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