How to Know Whether You Need Windscreen Replacement in Noosa

After a rock or other type of debris hits the windscreen in your car, you are typically left with some damage. It can lead to a chip or crack, including a crater, bullseye, horseshoe, or star. Sometimes, these small mars can just be repaired, but there are times were even a small problem needs a windscreen replacement in Noosa. An easy way to assess whether you believe you need a repair or replacement is to consider the extent of the damage, as well as the history of your windscreen.

If the damage is only on the top layer and does not reach from edge to edge, then it is possible that it will need a repair. However, if it is a deep crack or chip that reaches the lamination layer or goes from end to end, you will need a replacement. The history of your windscreen also will help you determine whether you need a windscreen replacement in Noosa. If you already have had more than eight repairs or if the new damage is in the same area as a previous repair, then you will have to get a replacement.

The experts at Sunshine Coast Windscreens can assess your damage and determine whether or not you need windscreen replacement in Noosa. They have five onsite vehicles that can service all of the Sunshine Coast, including the Hinterland. They will come to you and assess the damage to provide you with a quote for their serviced. Sunshine Coast Windscreens provides fast turnaround service that is guaranteed. They use 2080 replacement glass, which is the industry standard for safety to ensure you car retains its full safety capacity.