Check with your Insurance to see if you can get a Free Windscreen Replacement in Caloundra South

If you have a chipped screen, you may be putting off getting it repaired or replaced because you think it will cost a fortune. Some screens have built-in heaters or aerials, and can be very expensive to replace. However, if you’re on the Sunshine Coast and have full insurance on your car, you might want to check your insurance terms to see if you can get a free windscreen replacement in Caloundra South. Of course, nothing is totally free these days, but sometimes you can claim on your car insurance for windscreen replacements, and it will be covered. Perhaps you may have to pay the first $25 or $50, this depends on your cover, but even if that’s the case, it’s a lot cheaper than having to pay it all yourself.

Windscreen replacements in Caloundra South are becoming more frequent, as is the case all over the Sunshine Coast area. More traffic means more punishment to the road surface, and that in turn means more small rocks that can fly up and chip a windscreen. There’s nothing worse than driving along and suddenly have a small rock hit the screen. It certainly makes you jump and is very likely to cause some damage. Since your windscreen is a very important part of your car, it’s a good idea to get any damage checked out. Windscreen replacements in Caloundra South are done while you wait and don’t take long at all.