When Do You Need Windscreen Replacement in Buderim?

Not all damage to your windscreen requires a full replacement of the glass; many only need repairs. However, there are times where you need windscreen replacement in Buderim, even if you only have a small chip or crack. If you already have repaired the same glass more than eight times, then you will have to replace it to ensure that it does not become too weak, which could become unsafe in the case of an accident.

Even if you do not have a total of eight previous repairs, you may also be in need of a replacement if the damage is in the same area as previous repairs. If the crack reaches from edge to edge, then it is not fit for repair. Any damage that goes through more layers than just the outermost one, especially if the damage has harmed the laminate bonding layer, then you need windscreen replacement in Buderim.

Sunshine Coast Windscreens provides state of the art service for windscreen replacement in Buderim. They have five vehicles for onsite service throughout the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. They will come to you and assess the damage, providing you with a quote for their service. They always use 2080 replacement glass, which is the industry standard. Their work also comes with a guarantee, so you can feel assured that your new windscreen will have the same strength and visibility as your previous one. As members of AGA and affiliates of NWG, the largest windscreen fitting company in the country, you benefit from industry expertise.