Affordable On-Site Car Window Repair on the Sunshine Coast

When a rock or other road debris damages your window, it can distort the driver’s line of sight, which makes it unsafe to drive your car. Even a small crack or chip at the wrong place can lead to distorted images, making it difficult to safely manoeuvre your car. Instead of having to worry about bringing your car to someone to fix the damage, you can opt for on-site service, where the workers come to you to fix your car.

On-site car window repair on the Sunshine Coast does not have to be expensive. With Sunshine Coast Windscreens, you can get affordable and high quality service that will come to you. They have five vehicles with the ability to serve all of the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland.

Sunshine Coast Windscreens offers car window repair on the Sunshine Coast for all kinds of damage to the windscreen, including bullseye, horseshoe, star, craters, cracks, and chips. They have the expertise to assess your windscreen to determine whether it needs replacement or if car window repair on the Sunshine Coast will suffice.

They use 2080 replacement glass, which is the Australia and New Zealand standard. They are affiliated with NWG, the largest windscreen fitting company in the country, and are members of AGA. Their high quality service comes at an affordable price with a guarantee. If they cannot fix the problem right away, they will communicate with you the service necessary and provide a quick turnaround so that you will have your car back as soon as possible.