Car Side Mirror Replacement – Alexandra Heads

Car Mirror Replacement in Alexandra Heads. Finding You a Fast and Affordable Solution to Broken Mirrors

Throughout the Sunshine Coast area, there are tens of thousands of cars. Private cars, business cars, rental cars, taxis, plus a significant number of trucks, buses and other vehicles. That adds up to a lot of car mirrors. It’s no wonder that car side mirror replacement in Alexandra Heads by a respectable company such as Sunshine Coast Windscreens is a necessity.

Car mirrors are usually fairly sturdy, and many fold back or retract to limit damage when the vehicle is parked. However, as sturdy as they are, it’s surprising how easy they can be destroyed if hit in the wrong way by another vehicle, a wall, or even someone walking past. Should this happen to you, a broken side mirror can be annoying, to say the least, and if you need to spend any time on the freeway, then it can also be dangerous to drive without one.

Therefore, at Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we recommend you come along to our workshop in Buderim and allow us to take a look at your damaged mirror.

Quick and Efficient Repairs with Full Warranty on Parts and Labour

We want to get you back on the road fast and to achieve that goal we have some of the fastest turn-around times in the country. Not only that, at Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we offer a full lifetime warranty on all completed work, giving you total peace of mind that should (in very rare circumstances) the work isn’t up to scratch, we will put it right for you in an instant.

Should you need a car mirror replacement in Alexandra Heads, you can bring your car in and we’ll take a look straight away. There is usually no need to wait for an appointment, and we can carry out repairs there and then. Just help yourself to a coffee and we’ll get to work. For seniors, we also provide a discount on all work. If you’re unsure about the cost, don’t worry because we will give you a quote before we do any work at all on your car and we promise that the cost will never exceed that quote. There are no hidden charges with our service.

We Work with Your Insurance Company to Save you Time and Hassle

In many cases, side mirror replacement in Alexandra Heads calls for insurance companies to become involved. Many modern car mirrors (and the associated electronics) run into hundreds of dollars, so there’s a good chance you’ll be making a claim. We can deal with your insurance company directly, so you’ll never be out of pocket, and you won’t need to become a middleman in negotiations between them and us.

Here at Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we’ve been providing exceptional auto-glazier services for just over five years, and we are proud of the company we’ve built up, and the services we can provide to you, our customer. To try us out for yourself, call in or give us a call on (07) 5443 4403. We’re also available by email on, or you can fill out our convenient contact form, and we’ll get back to you quickly.