Car Side Mirror Repairs – Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Windscreens Now Offers Side Mirror Repairs and Car Mirror Replacements

Perhaps you cut the turn a little too close as you were backing out of your carport this morning. Maybe you came out to your car in the evening after work and found that someone had hit your car and smashed the side mirror. Either way, don’t worry: Sunshine Coast Windscreens Pty Ltd is here to help.

At Sunshine Coast Windscreens, people know us for our windscreen repairs and replacements. However, we have also recently begun offering car mirror repairs in Sunshine Coast. While mirrors are obviously different from windscreens, the truth is that many of the key characteristics of our business at Sunshine Coast Windscreens (superb craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of auto glass, commitment to superior customer service) also apply to mirror repairs and replacements.

As such, if you have recently cracked, shattered or otherwise damaged your car mirror, we are happy to help. We service the Sunshine Coast, both from our store in Buderim and from our five mobile, offsite repair vehicles. If you’ve busted a mirror and are hesitant to drive without it, call us on (07) 5443 4403, and we will try to get one of our mobile technicians out to your location. If you need a side mirror repair in Sunshine Coast, but can drive your car safely, feel free to stop by our store at Shed 42 Kayleigh Drive in Buderim.

Finding an Affordable Car Mirror Repair in Sunshine Coast

Just like with cracked or shattered windscreens, the sight of a damaged car mirror can be quite alarming to see for the first time. For instance, if someone bumps or hits your passenger side mirror while you are at work or in the store, you might get back to the car and not notice the damage until you are already driving. In scenarios like this, it’s common to have visions of expensive repair invoices flashing through your mind.

At Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we want to set your mind at ease over the cost of your side mirror repair in Sunshine Coast. While prices do naturally vary depending on the level of damage done to your mirror, we always strive to keep our repair rates affordable. Furthermore, our team works quickly and can service mirrors on vehicles of all makes or models. In other words, when you come to us enquiring about side mirror repairs in Sunshine Coast, you can expect a quick and convenient service without a premium price tag.

Call Sunshine Coast Windscreens Today

Seeing a mirror that is cracked or hanging off the side of your car by a cord is never a fun experience. The good news, though, is that mirror damage is much less costly and much less of a hassle than some vehicular repairs—from problems with the transmission to timing belt replacements. At Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we will take all of the hassles out of your car mirror repair in Sunshine Coast by giving you a quick, affordable and friendly service. Click here now if you need to get in touch.