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There’s nothing more annoying than coming back to your car after an enjoyable day out, than finding your car has been damaged in some way. Apart from the initial anger and annoyance, there’s the hassle and expense of getting it fixed, and having to drive around with the damage for a few days.

One of the most common types of car damage is to the wing mirrors. After all, they stick out and can easily be clipped or knocked by passing traffic, a careless driver trying to park, or even a pedestrian trying to brush past your car. Whatever the reason, it’s clear to say that wing mirrors often take the brunt of damage to a car.

So what can you do if you come back to find a pile of shattered glass and broken plastic? Well, if you’re nearby, you could call on Sunshine Coast Windscreens to take a look and carry out a side mirror repair in Alexandra Heads. At Sunshine Coast Windscreens, we can inspect your car for damage, find out the best way to repair it, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. In many cases, damage to mirrors can be irreparable, such as completely smashed glass and broken plastic parts. In cases such as this, we usually have the correct replacement parts already in stock.

The Challenges Involved with Fitting Side Mirrors

Our technicians have experience with side mirror repairs in Alexandra Heads, but the job is by no means easy. These days, side mirrors are no longer just a mirror, but they contain sophisticated electronics. Most modern cars pack a variety of features into the side mirrors, including heaters and indicator lights. Additionally, most also have the ability to move the mirror by remote from inside the car, meaning the side mirror assembly will also contain motors. Of course, electronics are controlling all of this, so there will also be a significant number of cables embedded in the unit. If these cables are also damaged, then it’s up to the car mirror repair team in Alexandra Heads to fix these too. Luckily, they are well up to the job, with experience in repairing all kinds of electrical devices on cars, including the side mirrors.

Should you decide to use Sunshine Coast Windscreens for your glass and mirror repairs, you will experience short wait times and exceptional service.

Call in So We Can Inspect the Damage and Perform a Speedy Repair

If you’re in need of car mirror repairs in Alexandra Heads, give us a call on (07) 5443 4403. Sunshine Coast Windscreens have the experience and know-how to carry out five-star repairs, and we even have a mobile service if you’re really in a fix. Don’t forget that we can also fix any other type of glass on your car as well, including windscreens, tailgates, side window glass and more. For further information about our services such as waiting times, warranties and payment options, check out our frequently asked questions page.